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Bristol Wasp Nest Control 

bristol wasps nest
A Wasp Collects Wood For Its Wasps Nest.

Bristol wasp species number some 6 of the 10 British species of wasps known as paper wasps. This group of wasps is responsible for the ornate and intricate nests we see made from wood pulp instead of the wax combe created by bees.

Wasp nests sometimes contain as many as 20-50k wasps, but most will only contain 2-5k insects at their peak. Never underestimate a wasp nest. Even a small nest could contain a thousand wasps!

Professional wasp control in Bristol is just a phone call away.

Bristol Hornet Nest Control

Hornets are among the largest aerial predators found in the Bristol area. These majestic insects rarely attack humans, but make no mistake, they do! If you have a hornet’s nest that you have concerns about, please get in touch, and we can inspect and treat it for you if required.

Bristol Bumble Bee Removal & Control

The most common species of bumblebee in Bristol to be viewed by many as an invasive pest species is the European tree bumble bee. This bee species nests at height and routinely attacks humans disturbing its nests.

Bumblebees differ from wasps in that they will routinely sting the face. The one similarity with wasps is the bumblebees barbless sting. This means a bee could sting you multiple times without risk to itself.

As with any bee of any kind, control of bumblebees is a last resort that we understand is sometimes unavoidable.

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