First Wasps Nest of 2018

The First Wasps Nest in Bristol in 2018.

WIll 2018 Be A Wasp Season To Remember?

An amazing queen wasp stands guard over the first wasp nest in Bristol to be reported to us in 2018! The last bumper wasp season (June-September) was 2010. 

bristol wasp control 2018
first wasps nest of 2018 in a garden shed.

Are Early Wasps Nests A Problem?

Wasps nest in April and May are usually small, just like the one pictured above. The image was taken in mid-May 2018 in a garden shed in Redland, Bristol.

By June a wasp nest will have tripled in size, becoming a very different beast!

The first brood (larvae or grubs) was already developing inside the nest pictured and it would be only a week or so before they hatched and nest building went into full swing.

Are Wasps Nests Dangerous?

Wasps in your attic, home or garden are not always a serious problem. Wasps will only be interested in building the nest until mid-June.

As we move further into summer and mid-August, anyone nearby the nest will likely be affected by the mass of activity it now wields.

Mature wasps nests can contain over 10000 wasps, and you don’t need to be a genius to understand the dangers these might pose.

When To Treat Wasps Nests

Wasps nests in your shed can grow quickly because the shed will heat up very easily when the sun beats down on it. The perfect brood chamber for insects like wasps and bees!

Some wasps nests will only grow to the size of a small football, while others develop into monsters, the size of washing machines.

Our advice is simple – control nests early before they cause structural damage or injury.

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