Bumble Bees

Bumble Bees

Bristol Bumble Bee Control & Removal

Bumble bees are not always seen as a problem that can be treated by professional pest controllers, but we can help more than you realise.

tree bees

Are Bumble Bees Protected?

NO – Bumblebees have no protection under UK law.

Many pest controllers, local authorities or beekeepers will tell you bumble bees are protected in order to kill the conversation. 

Many people dislike controlling bumble bees, but sometimes it becomes a necessary process because of safety or sometimes peoples phobias.

More common is the noise the bees make when they nest in attics, crawl spaces and lofts. The non-stop vibration and squeaking on a ceiling can cause despair and loss of sleep!

Are Bumble Bees Dangerous?

YES – Bumble Bees are often no problem, however, a few species in the UK can prove to be quite aggressive. 

The Tree Bumble Bee – Bombus hypnorum often creates huge colonies of bees with over 1500 bees in the nest, especially in your attic!

bees nesting loft insulation
Bumble Bees Nesting In Loft Insulation.

Bumblebees will very rarely bother with you when they forage for food, but disturbing a nest of bees is never a clever idea.

The most common places to discover bumble bees include floor voids, attics, crawl spaces, bird boxes, compost bins and the spaces beneath sheds. Bizarrely, the new place we see them regularly is under hot tubs!

Why Are Bumblebees In My Attic and Loft?

Tree bumblebees nest beneath your loft insulation, directly on your ceiling. Finding yourself in a confined space with hundreds of angry bees is a frightening experience, so it pays to have an expert on hand to help.

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