Bristol Wasp Nest Removal

Bristol Wasp Nest Removal

bristol wasp control 2018
first wasps nest of 2018 in a garden shed.

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At Bristol Wasp Nest Removal, we would love to help you get rid of wasps nests and manage wasp problems plaguing you, your home and your business.

Please enjoy the content we are creating to help you and those with wasp problems like yours.

Because wasp problems can develop or be discovered suddenly, we are always here, delighted to help. 

bristol wasp nest removal
Wasps nesting in a wall cavity in Bath, UK.

How Are Wasps Nests Controlled?

Wasps nests are usually controlled with insecticidal dust. This dust adheres to insects, subduing them within five minutes of contact.

Other products like foams and sprays can also be used, but are less effective at eliminating residual wasps not present at the time of treatment.

How Long Does A Wasp Nest Treatment Take?

Most treatments are completed in minutes where nests are easily accessed. We are often on site for about 20-30 minutes. 

As soon as the wasp pesticide is delivered, our job is complete. It takes about an hour for the chemical to act on the internal and returning wasps. The nest goes silent (buzzing stops) almost immediately.

What Happens After Wasp Treatment Is Complete?

The returning wasps cluster around the nest and look very intimidating for 20 minutes or more, before declining in number and dispersing from the effects of the dust.

The nests are not completely dead until any developing wasps, protected from the pesticide, within pupae or cells. Wasps in this stage can live for a few weeks or more, so wasps nests are not removed.

Why Are wasps Nests Not Removed?

Removing a wasp nest immediately after treatment is a pointless exercise. The pesticide will be removed with the nest giving you no residual protection. The pesticides can remain active for months or years.

Removing your nest, especially those within properties puts you at a huge disadvantage and makes it easier for wasps to build new nests in the same area next year!

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