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do wasps pollinate

Do Wasps Pollinate Flowering Plants

Do Wasps Pollinate? Yes – Wasps Pollinate Wasps are among the millions of insect species that often provide pollination benefits to their respective biomes at some point in their development. For millions of years, wasps have evolved a close association with plants from which they build their nests, find their food and provide natural pest …

british wasps
Hornets Wasps

Five British Wasps Found In Your Garden

Five Common British Wasps British Wasps – Paper Wasps (Vespidae) The British wasps we find building nests in our homes and gardens are called paper wasps. This is because the nests are a composite of saliva and chewed up wood or paper pulp. The most common of these in Bristol include: European Hornet Median Wasp …

wasps & hornets 2020

The First Wasps Nest Of 2020

Wasps are only just waking up from their hibernation, but in May 2020 the conditions were perfect to secure a strong wasp season. Wasp seasons in the UK typically run between April and September. 2018 and 2019 were both strong g years for wasps, ensuring 2020 would also be busy. The first nest of the …